Refund Policy

Idealaunch Refund policy

Our Policies

Refund Policy

As per the refund policy, we will assest all the request one by one basis to understand the refund reasons. Once the reason for the refund is valid we can provide the further processing based on the policy concern

  1. 100% refund policy, in the below criteria
    • Once the payment is received, as per organization norms we will share the CDA (Confidential disclosure agreement) within next 24 hours to your communicated Mail ID
    • After we receive the signed Agreement we will allocate the work initial call with concerned domain person, before assigning it to concern team you can cancel your services
    • Once the work is not started, and in that case, you can cancel your order
    • Refund will be done within 3-5 business days from the date of mail confirmation on cancellation
  2. No refund policy, in the below criteria
    • Once the work is started and it’s in progress, a refund is not applicable
    • Once the work is completed and delivered, Correction based on the revision policy is granted, but the refund of your quoted payment is not applicable

Revision Policy

Based on final delivery of document, the revisions will be entertained below mentioned criteria

  1. Corrections and modifications will be considered within the content which we have provided
  2. New pages of addition and including content leads to addition payment per page as mentioned below

Pricing for services

  • Thesis: Rs. 300 (Per page)
  • Research Proposal : Rs. 250 (Per page)
  • Assignment writing : Rs. 250 (Per page)
  • Plagiarism checking : Rs. 80 (Per page)
  • Grammar check : Rs. 80 (Per page)
  • Blog writing : Rs. 600 (Per page)