How a Research paper format should be?

How a Research paper format should be

How a Research paper format should be?

The structure of the research paper is as important as the content which you write. A well-structured research paper helps the reader to get a clear understanding of your work. The format of a research paper is presented below.

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Keywords
  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Methodology
  • Results and Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References

Research Paper Format:


A research paper’s title should make clear the topic of the study. To attract readers, in order to make them get into the content, the title should be simple, precise, and appealing.


A strong abstract is essential in addition to a title that draws the reader in. Scientists and researchers usually read the abstract before deciding whether to read the full article. It is necessary to remove pointless sentences and remarks. The originality of the work must be emphasised by the authors. The following points should be the main points of the abstract.

  • What was investigated in the study?
  •  Why was it done?
  • How was it done?
  • What are the important findings of the study?      
  •  What is the significance of the study?


The keywords should be appropriate for the piece of research paper writing and make it simple for readers to find the research paper online. The ideal number of keywords is five to seven.


The reader is informed of the problem that your study is trying to address in the introduction section. Here, you can also talk about the study’s importance and uniqueness. Write a thesis statement that expresses the study question in detail.


What inspired you to do this research? What has prior study shown on this subject? The backdrop part is where you can include historical information or define earlier theories that give your study context. It’s also a good idea to think about your audience and the details they will need to know in order to comprehend the remainder of your work.


You can mention every method you used to gather data, including surveys, experiments, and fieldwork. The research methodology ought to go into detail on how the research study was carried out. It comprises the formula, preparation techniques, instrumentation used, and experimental procedures or processes. Reading the methods section should give readers a clear understanding of how the research study was conducted.

 Results and Discussion

A good research paper must include a detailed discussion of the results and discussion section. In accordance with key scientific theories and principles, the interpretations of the experimental data should be presented in a scientific and logical manner. The results can be presented in any format, such as graphs, tables, etc., to support the conclusions. The data you present in the research paper should be authentic and trustworthy.


This section gives a general overview of the research study’s findings. A strong conclusion will wrap up the article’s arguments, research findings, and future study directions. It should convince the researcher.


In order to avoid plagiarism, use our Online Thesis Plagiarism Checker. Also it is necessary to cite the paper which you took as a reference for your work. There are many formats for citation and generally “APA” format is preferred widely for the research paper.

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