Human resources

Strategic human resource evaluation systems

Although strategic human resource research has been done extensively in India, we do find that research has not been done on strategic human resource research, top management perception on HR research, multi-cultural influences on HR research, cross cultural impact on

Digital marketing ecosystems

Role of influencers and its impact in Digital marketing ecosystems of Indian industries: Digital marketing is the futuristic technology which finds it applications across global industries. This technology enhances the nature and way in which marketing is done. It has

Role of human emotions

Role of human emotions, self and Influencers of consumer taste – Exploratory study: It is known that consumer behavior has been researched all over the world due to the complex nature of self and its representative behavior in social situations.

Employee performance research

Employee performance research and organizational strategies for Human development research: It is found that employee performance research has been done in India as it has not covered Indian industry HR practices research and its orientations. The MNCs have adopted various

Digital engagement and digital delight

Digital engagement and digital delight for Indian women- Online shopaholics: The marketing and sales trends have changed globally. Covid has changed the dimensions of marketing from retail store to online purchases. Indian women are so passionate and eager to purchase

Talent management and Research

An evaluative study on Impact of talent engagement practices on talent retention strategies for disruptive innovation in India: Talent management & Research is an effective human resource process which can ensure that the most resourceful human skills are retained. As

Organizational performance of Indian IT companies

360 degree feedback on Organizational performance of Indian IT companies: With liberalization, globalization and privatization research has been done extensively across the globe – this has also affected Indian Human resource research practices. There is a need for transformative and

Is Paying for Social Media Good or Bad

Is Paying for Social Media Good or Bad ? Elon Musk, after owning twitter made a tweet saying that “Blue verified users need to pay $8 per month to access”. This tweet went viral and does paying for social media