Is Paying for Social Media Good or Bad

Is Paying for Social Media Good or Bad - Idealaunch

Is Paying for Social Media Good or Bad ?

Elon Musk, after owning twitter made a tweet saying that “Blue verified users need to pay $8 per month to access”. This tweet went viral and does paying for social media is good or bad became debatable.

Do not forget that, Users of social medias are products not customer’s as they avail the services of social media for free. Social media collect users data for targeted ads to generate revenue. Music, Movie streaming platforms like Netflix, Spotify subscriptions are booming as they offer songs, drams, series to its users. These are different from social media. People share their thoughts and experiences in social media.

Also Social media is loaded with abuses and fake information. Will the Social Media giants give guarantee that fake information won’t be displayed on their paid users feed and will they protect their data? A big question mark. People functioned well even before social media came to existence.

As of now let’s see how twitter’s subscription plan goes well. It would be great case study. Remember when TikTok was banned,Instagram launched Reels giving users similar to TikTok.Like wise a new social app will arise giving similar experience to users, when social media tends to start a subscription plans.
So the bottom-line is only future can tell, Is Paying for social media is good or not?

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