Talent management and Research

Talent management and Research

An evaluative study on Impact of talent engagement practices on talent retention strategies for disruptive innovation in India:

Talent management & Research is an effective human resource process which can ensure that the most resourceful human skills are retained. As all other factors of management can be obtained in modern world – talent and competent human resources can design the future. Innovation & Research is possible with highly talented pool of people who can forge disruptive innovations research. But the type of talent management process research and an effective talent retention strategic research for Indian companies is still elusive.

Although we find successful talent management practices – empirical researches have not been done on talent management practices & effective engagement research. Product, people, process based innovation researches has to be done in Indian context. The role of talent engagement research and its impact on talent retention research has not been explored in Indian context which has to be done. Strategic talent management and engagement research also has to be done empirically.


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